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Results matter to you. So, when you’re putting your trust into a pest control and removal service company, you want a positive outcome. Home Run Exterminating is a full-service pest control and removal company driven by results. We offer a number of pest control applications—suited to a variety of circumstances—that produce satisfying results. Whether you have termites gnawing away at your wooden beams or powderpost beetles ruining your furniture, look to us for answers.

Pest Control and Removal Service Aimed at All Types of Situations

Noticing structural damage around your home? You may have a case of carpenter ants or dampwood termites that have monopolized an area of your house. Each homeowner faces different events. Therefore, we have a host of preemptive pest control and removal solutions geared to combat the problem, mitigate pest infestation and pacify your worries.

  • Ant Control and Removal
  • Termite Control and Removal
  • Ant Control and Removal
  • Beetle Control and Removal
  • Bed Bug Control and Removal
  • Dust Mite Control and Removal
  • Mosquito Control and Removal
  • Moth Control and Removal

We at Home Run Exterminating provide superior defense and prevention of pests in and around your home. Our pest control and removal company in Myrtle Beach will investigate the problem, remove all insects and apply a pest exclusion plan to ensure your home is sealed and safeguarded from these unwelcome visitors. Protect your South Carolina property from multi-legged critters that can be detrimental to your structure.
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