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Termites: they’ll eat you out of house and home. Adept at causing rapid and extensive damage, termites are easily some of the most damaging pests you can have in your home. While termites make themselves comfortable feasting on the wood and drywall of your home, you lose money on your investment and end up facing an inconvenient issue. If you’ve noticed any signs of termites in your home, Home Run Exterminating can help.

Offering Termite Pest Control You Need

While termites are pervasive, not many people understand how they become victims of termites. How did the termites get into your home? How long does it take to get rid of them? These are common questions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Termites enter via contact with soil. As a general rule, this means their most common entry point is through cracks in your foundation or mortar, or gaps surrounding your utility pipes. In rare cases, termites may come in on the wood of your home.
  • Fumigation is not the only option. Depending on the extent of your termite issue, we may or may not use fumigation to get rid of them. If your termites are subterranean, for example, we will trench or rod treat the space surrounding your structure.

If you have termites in your home, you can’t afford to wait for extermination services. Luckily, Home Run Exterminating is here. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina’s trusted termite pest control service, we’re here to provide you with world-class extermination services. Contact us today: (910) 712-2475.

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